About studio mrm

Studio MRM is Los Angeles-based recording facility specializing in high-end audio production, recording, mixing and mastering for solo artists and bands. Studio MRM offers top-of-the-line equipment in a relaxed, highly-creative environment. Equipped with the Solid State Logic Matrix-2 analog mixing console/DAW controller, Avid Pro Tools HDX and a selection of the best contemporary analog hardware, software and instruments, our hybrid studio blends the best of what’s analog into modern digital recording. We’re dedicated to capturing, recording and mixing authentic musical performances that express our clients’ creativity, vision, and sound. Producer/Engineer/Mixer Annie Miles is Grammy-listed for her mixing and mastering of the B.O.S.S single “Major Love” / 56th Grammy Awards. For the band, Wicked Saints, her production, recording and mix won them Best Indie Rock Song for "The Way I'm Strung." Her own compositions and productions have garnered two ASCAP pop music awards and inclusion in multi-track format in recording devices for Roland Corp USA. She has worked in sound effects editing for Burbank-based Listen 2 for shows airing on HBO, the SyFy Channel. Other clients include, Mark Sebastian (“Summer In The City”), Poetic Justice, Mark Justin, Deanna Pino, Northern Sojourn, Reuben Merringer, VVives, Larry Davis, Ash Powell. Studio MRM is an official ISRC Manager.